WorkSafe victoria Awards 2016 WorkSafe Victoria Awards 2017

Judging criteria

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Commitment to Health and Wellbeing – Judging Criteria 2018

Motivation and identified needs

How does the initiative meet the needs of staff of all ages and abilities and contribute to the creation of an inclusive workplace environment?

An integrated approach to health, safety and wellbeing

How does the initiative address both individual and organisational level changes, and consider health promotion along with occupational health and safety (OHS), and human resources (HR)?

Organisational commitment

How committed is the organisation (including senior leadership) to supporting the initiative and its implementation?

Staff engagement

How is the initiative promoted and communicated to staff, and how is equitable access for all staff achieved?

Evaluation and continuous improvement

Is the initiative regularly evaluated to measure impact, what have been the key outcomes to date, and how are opportunities for improvement considered?

Health and Safety Representative of the Year

This category acknowledges elected health and safety representatives (HSRs) (who have been elected under section 54 of the Health and Safety Act) and who have represented their designated work group in an outstanding manner.

Please note - If you are not an elected HSR then you may consider a submission in category five.

  1. What is the main work activity within the DWG and how many employees are represented?
  2. How long has the nominee been an elected HSR?
  3. What process is followed by the HSR to gather safety concerns, consult with the members of the DWG and represent these to management?
  4. Within the DWG, what significant health and safety improvements have resulted from the HSRs involvement?  What were the barriers?
  5. What makes the nominee an outstanding HSR?
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Health and Safety Invention of the Year

This category recognises individuals and organisations that develop and/or manufacture innovative solutions to health and safety issues or hazards. These solutions must not be off the shelf or imported products. The product is, or will be, made available commercially.

  1. What is the OHS risk you want to control/eliminate? How was it identified?
  2. What is your invention/solution and how does it work? How did you arrive at this invention/solution?
  3. How does your solution control/eliminate the OHS risk?
  4. What stage is your invention at? Eg. prototype/testing/production/ready for sale.
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Best Solution to a Specific Workplace Health and Safety Issue

This category recognises individuals and organisations that have developed and implemented a solution to a health and safety issue in their own workplace. This may include solutions to a physical hazard (such as guarding of plant and machinery, working from heights) or good practices in workplace psychosocial health and safety.

  1. What was the health and safety issue identified at your workplace? What process was followed to identify the risk?
  2. How was the appropriate control measure identified?
  3. What did you do to address/control/resolve the identified risk?
  4. What was the process of consultation within the workplace?
  1. What was the outcome? In what way is your workplace now safer and how did you determine this?
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Best Solution to a Manual Handling Issue

This category recognises individuals and organisations that have implemented an innovative solution to a manual handling issue in their workplace or industry.

  1. What is the manual handling issue / task at your workplace?
  2. What is the solution to the manual handling issue? How was it determined?
  3. How does your solution eliminate or reduce the musculoskeletal disorder risk from the manual handling task?
  4. What was the process of consultation involved in the development and
  5. implementation of the solution?
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OHS Achievement Award

This category acknowledges an individual, group or organisation who has/have achieved significant improvements to occupational health and safety within their workplace or industry or the greater Victorian community. Please note: Employee elected health and safety representatives (HSRs) should enter the 'Health and Safety Representative of the Year' category.

  1. Please describe the specific OHS achievement being nominated?
  2. What is your job/position and how does it relate to your achievement?
  3. What have been some of the barriers for the nominee in driving this achievement, and how have they overcome this?
  4. Who was engaged and influenced to bring about this achievement?
  5. What makes this a significant contribution to health and safety? Can this be used at other workplaces?
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Commitment to Workplace Health and Wellbeing

This category recognises a whole-of-organisation commitment to promoting health, safety and wellbeing at work through workplace practices that are inclusive of people of all ages and abilities. Entries may include organisational systems, policies, workplace health promotion programs, HR initiatives or activities that actively contribute to staff health and wellbeing, whilst ensuring protection of staff health and safety is upheld.

  1. What was your organisation’s motivation for making a commitment to workplace health and wellbeing and how was the need for the initiative identified?
  2. What does your initiative involve, and how does it address both individual and organisational level changes?
  3. How does your health and wellbeing initiative target health promotion, occupational health and safety (OHS), and human resources (HR)?
  4. How does your health and wellbeing initiative contribute to the creation of an inclusive workplace for people of all ages and abilities?
  5. What level of collaboration has there been between staff with different roles, departments or business groups to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of employees?
  6. Do you have senior leadership commitment to health, safety and wellbeing and if so, how is this demonstrated?
  7. How are initiatives promoted and staff engaged?
  8. What has the impact been so far and how is this measured? How does this inform improvements for the initiative?
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Leading Return to Work practice by an employer

Return to Work Impact

How effective is your organisation’s approach/initiative in positively impacting on RTW outcomes, processes, policies and practices?


How creative, new or different is your organisation’s RTW initiative/approach?

Commitment to return to work

Has your organisation demonstrated a commitment to achieving better return to work outcomes, beyond RTW compliance, through the commitment of time/resources/equipment etc?


Is there potential for your organisation’s RTW initiative/approach to be used in other workplaces/jurisdictions?


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Return to Work Coordinator Excellence

This category recognises an individual Return to Work Coordinator's outstanding achievements in returning an injured worker(s) to safe and sustainable work.

  1. Describe what you do to advocate for the benefits of return to work across all levels of your organisation, and how you support ill or injured workers to safely stay at or return to work? (Please provide evidence of promotion, education, communication or engagement with management and employees, and demonstrated outcomes. You may also wish to provide evidence of how you maintain your awareness and understanding of rehabilitation and RTW,including professional development you have undertaken.)
  2. What is an example of a great return to work outcome you’ve facilitated in your workplace and why you think it was successful? (Please provide evidence such as testimonials from employees, worker representatives, supervisors, Occ Rehab providers, practitioners, Agents etc.)
  3. Provide details of continuous improvement or an innovative project you have led in your workplace regarding RTW. (Please include evidence of what the initiative was, what research and support material you utilised, how you engaged management and employees at your workplace, and what impact your initiative had in the business/workplace.)
  4. Please ensure that with your nomination you include referees, such as Managers, employees, worker representatives, medical/health practitioners, other RTW professionals, Agent contacts, etc.
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Worker Return to Work Achievement Award

This category recognises a worker's achievements in returning to work following a workplace injury.

  1. Briefly describe your job prior to your injury, how you were injured and what your injury was
  2. Describe the rehabilitation and RTW process you have experienced and what werethe things that supported you to RTW.  (Please provide evidence where available including RTW plans, details of your employer’s RTW program, workplace culture or testimonials from RTW coordinators, Managers, peers, Agents, or treating health practitioners.)
  3. What were the hardest things about returning to work and how did you overcome them?
  4. What did returning to work mean for you and your family / colleagues / community?
  5. What advice would you give other injured workers who are returning to work?
  6. Please ensure that with your nomination you include referees, such as employees, GPs, other RTW support staff, Agent contacts.
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