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Richard Wallace - Victoria Police

About this entry

Richard’s return to work journey provides a highly emotive and inspirational message to all workers, but especially those who serve the community as ‘first responders’ in the emergency services.

Richard Wallace
Above: Richard Wallace

As a Victoria Police Operational Sergeant stationed at Warrnambool in October 2010, Richard was confronted by three separate tragic road crashes claiming three lives during one night shift. Despite being significantly affected, Richard endeavoured to ‘push on’ – attempting to work and function as usual without assistance or counselling.

By March 2013, Richard was battling severe depression and accepted that he needed treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Following targeted treatment, he commenced a gradual return to the profession he still loves in January 2014.

While his recovery has been, and continues to be, challenging, Richard is sharing his experience to urge fellow frontline emergency service workers to look after and take responsibility for their mental health, and ask for support if they need it.