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HIAB Australia and Miglas

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Miglas, a small family-run company that manufactures industrial glass windows and doors, engaged transport engineering solution company HIAB Australia to develop a safe system to handle and transport its large and fragile goods from factory to worksite.

HIAB Australia and Miglas Team
Above: HIAB Australia and Miglas Team

Shifting and installing double glass windows (weighing up to 400kg) results in manual handling and work at heights risks that could cause fractures, strains, sprains and cuts.

The end-to-end risk control measures developed by HIAB and Miglas following extensive research and stakeholder consultation are designed to move glass assemblies from the factory to its final location on the construction site. It comprises a truck fitted with a customised loading and load restraint system to mechanically (not manually) move glass assemblies, using a forklift featuring a vacuum suction attachment. The forklift is also mounted onto the truck to assist at the worksite destination.