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Lindsey Doolin - The Salvation Army

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Salvation Army Return to Work Coordinator Lindsey is proactive, consultative, compassionate and influential. She has the welfare of workers at heart and is constantly seeking avenues across the organisation to influence positive return to work outcomes.

Stress and psychological injury constitute a significant proportion of The Salvation Army’s total workers compensation claims. Lindsey has gone to lengths to expand her understanding of work-related psychological injury and been instrumental in developing and driving the psychological health component of the organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy as well as its Employee Assistance Program and other OHS policies and procedures.

She has been commended for her meticulous case notes and efforts to meet with injured workers face-to-face to discuss return to work options.

The Salvation Army’s Wellbeing Program has shown very encouraging results in the last two years, with data showing workers’ self-reporting of depression isdown 32%; anxiety is reduced by 58%; and stress has decreased by 25%.