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Fonterra Australia

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Fonterra’s Major Capital Projects team manages the company’s large construction projects in Australia and New Zealand, relying on a transient workforce of contractors.

Team from Fonterra Australia
Above: Team from Fonterra Australia

Whilst expanding the facility at Stanhope, the team developed ‘The Village’ initiative to encourage interaction among contractors and build a sense of community. The aim was to make workers feel valued, so they in turn would value themselves and keep each other safe.

The Village included: a site-wide vision which all workers signed their commitment to strive toward; high standard amenities; a Village Hub with collaborative meeting spaces, a café providing healthy meals and recreational spaces for employees to relax and socialise; and a workplace support practitioner to help workers deal with the impact of living away from home and family.

Fonterra is fulfilling its motto of ‘putting people before the project’ and realising the benefits that come from a stronger workplace and OHS culture.