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Scott Automation & Robotics

X-Ray Primal System

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As a leading provider of automation and robotic solutions, Scott Automation & Robotics recently designed a new machine that automates a semi-automated process in the meat industry – reducing the risk of serious injuries for employees. 

Scott Automation & Robotics
Above: Scott Automation & Robotics

The X-Ray Primal System makes the initial or ‘primal’ cuts, splitting the carcass into three sections – the forequarter, middle and hindquarter. The middle system then further processes the ‘bone-in’ cuts.

The technology has been designed to replace the use of bandsaws, which can pose a significant risk to health and safety. This includes serious lacerations to fingers or hands, and musculoskeletal injuries from employees repetitively pushing, pulling, grabbing and reaching to manipulate a lamb carcass while standing upright at a table.

The technology has been used successfully at early adopter sites in Australia and New Zealand and has the potential for broad application across the meat industry.