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Effortless manhole cover operaton - Pavika

Best Solution to a Specific Workplace Health and Safety Issue - 2014 Awards

The most common cause of injuries in Australia and worldwide is due to body stressing. Sprains, strains, injuries and fatalities are attributed to manual handling suffered by workers and general public. Musculoskeletal injuries are the leading causes of disability contributing to workers compensation claims and public liability implications. Lost work days and compensation/insurance claims costs runs in millions of dollars every year. To overcome these, Pavika Management Pty Ltd operating in Australia for over a decade has come up innovative solutions to eliminate almost all of the risks associated with frequent opening and closing of manhole/access covers both in the industrial and public domain.

Mechanical loading arm - Swan Hill Abattoirs

Best Solution to a Specific Workplace Health and Safety Issue - 2014 Awards

Held a discussion with the operation manager and chief engineer reagrding loading beef carcases at the swan hill abattoirs. We had a machine that was engineered and also built. A heavy arm was attached onto the machine to load beef quarter carcasess weighing from 68.4 kg for hindquarters and 70kg for forequarter. Quarter are pushed by employees along the coolroom overhead rail to the automatic chain that goes onto the computer/ scales. Then they are pushed onto the truck using overhead rails. one item hung onto string are pushed into truck using sliding hooks on an overhead rail. Then one employee moves the machine arm to lift the quarters by the hock on the hindquarter and the ribs on the forequater sections of the carcase. Then they move the quarter to the fixed hook on the cross rail in the trailer while another employee guides the string off the sliding hook onto the fixed hook of the trialer. The same procedure is carried out for both hindquater and forequater beef sections. Unloading beef out of the truck pans same procedure as loading beef into pans, product is lifted up by the machine and placed back on the slide hook and product is guided from the truck back into the loading bay.

Christian Sanderson - Melbourne Health

Health and Safety Representative of the Year - 2014 Awards

We provide high level psychiatric care for aged clientele in a residential facility

Suzanne Smith - Hepburn Health Service

Health and Safety Representative of the Year - 2014 Awards

Creswick Campus of Hepburn Health Service has 40 beds and provides residential aged care, sub acute, transitional care and community package services. Our Nursing Designated WorkGroup employee elected HSR has ensured her colleagues work in, and her clients are cared for in, a safe environment.

Confined Space i-Surveillance - Toxfree Solutions Ltd

Best Solution to a Specific Workplace Health and Safety Issue - 2014 Awards

Toxfree Solutions Ltd (Toxfree) is one of Australia's leading integrated environmental, waste management and industrial service providers. Our core values, " Safe, Reliable and Sustainable" , underpin our commitment to offer our customers the safest, most reliable and sustainable waste management solutions available. Our range of onsite industrial services includes industrial cleaning, vacuum loading, contaminated site remediation, high pressure water jetting, tank cleaning, non-destructive digging, emergency response services and disaster recovery a portion of which is carried out in a confined space. Our national network of waste management facilities and treatment technologies ensures Toxfree can provide innovative and sustainable waste management solutions for all types of waste including commercial, household, industrial, construction and hazardous waste. Toxfree’s Industrial Services have experienced personnel and specialist equipment to guarantee every job is completed safely and efficiently. The Industrial Services division consist of a large range of industrial cleaning and materials handling services particularly catered to the mining, oil and gas, local government and manufacturing industries. For the many tasks carried out in a confined space, Toxfree have introduced the i-Surveillance system to monitor work via Wi-Fi to a smart phone or tablet so hazards and risks can be resolved with the customer in a real time environment.

Early Intervention Strategies - Greater Shepparton City Council

Commitment to Workplace Health and Wellbeing - 2014 Awards

Greater Shepparton City Council (GSCC) strives to deliver best practice management, governance, administrative and financial systems that support the delivery of council programs to the community of Greater Shepparton. Council’s strategic vision is the driver to develop programs that deliver social connectedness, physical and mental health and wellbeing, education and participatory opportunities in order to improve liveability and a greater range of community services. As our employees are a part of that community, Council developed a project plan with a commitment to increase the health and wellbeing of their workers.

Safety Shovel Holder - G J Bennett and Sons

Best Solution to a Specific Workplace Health and Safety Issue - 2014 Awards

I am a beef and sheep farmer and Daryl a retired bus driver and inventor. This entry was invented at the start of July when a unlucky mishap eventuated when going to repair a fence while carrying steel fence posts on a tractor the same way as a shovel resting by the brake pedals along side the mudguard. This day a steel post slipped off caught the rear tractor wheel and tore a 500mm tear in my strides leg, I was very lucky . This made us think we have to overcome this problem and make it work safe to carry a shovel or steel posts on a tractor by making a permanent fitted dual purpose holder.

Crown Coaches - Crown Coaches Pty Ltd

Employer Excellence in Return to Work - 2014 Awards

Crown Coaches is an accredited Bus and Coach Operator providing passenger transport solutions by way of contracted school runs to The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), prestigious private schools within the Eastern Suburbs and corporate charter services. With a fleet of 130 vehicles and an employee base of 250 drivers, disability carers and maintenance staff we are always focused on the safety and well-being of all individuals within our organisation. 2014 has seen us take another step towards continually improving our injury management and the return to work process of our valued employees. This step has been by way of introducing a "Restrictions" component into our internal software suite. What this tool allows us to do is select certain areas of an employee’s duties and place restrictions of them. These restrictions allow us as an employer to ensure that we are not placing employees in a position that they will hinder their own return to work by aggravating any injury that they have and more importantly slow their recovery.

Fitness & Wellbeing classes - Aitken College

Commitment to Workplace Health and Wellbeing - 2014 Awards

Christine, with support of the college runs circuit classes for staff after school, two to three times a week. Circuits involve boxing, weights or cardio work. She has a different routine every week. We meet in the gym and we work out as colleagues and friends.

Fanol Isai - Catholic Homes

Return to Work Coordinator Excellence - 2014 Awards

Catholic Homes is a medium sized not for profit provider of aged care services including residential aged care, day respite, home care, retirement living and low cost housing rental for people who are financially and socially disadvantaged. Operating for no more than 50 years in Victoria, Catholic Homes is a values based organisation with a strong commitment to health and safety including excellence in return to work management.

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